Scalable Operations Offering
Competitive Advantages.

TriMotive has world
class facilities providing
a range of in-house
manufacturing capabilities
that are scalable to suit
local, regional or global
Our capabilities include: 

  • Metal fabrication
  • Precision laser cutting
  • Manual and robotic welding
  • Robotic polishing
  • Tube and pipe bending
  • Peening and paint preparation
  • Powder coating & e-coating / a-coating
  • Printed circuit board fabrication & programming
  • Wiring harness fabrication & processing

Each strategically located facility offers state of the art design and manufacturing capabilities that are accredited to national and international standards. Through shared learning and best practice, each facility is capable of handling small and large volume projects to suit customer needs. 

Discover more about our manufacturing capabilities


Robotic Welding


Metal Fabrication


Peening, Paint Preparation, Powder Coating,
E-Coating & A-Coating


Precision Laser Cutting


Printed Circuit Board Fabrication & Programming,
Wiring Harness Fabrication & Processing


Robotic Polishing


Tube & Pipe Bending