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Automatic Retractable Towbar

 automatic retractable towbar

The Automatic Retractable Towbar is what we refer to as our Shooting Star. As an non-intrusive and discrete
towing solution, the Shooting Star combines stable, lightweight and efficient technology into the ultimate
towbar fitment. With a maximum towing weight of 3,500kg, the Shooting Star does not compromise on
strength or quality.


The Shooting Star remains
fully lubricated throughout
its lifetime and is completely maintenance free. Only one electric motor is required to power the unit. The control of the tow bar is easy and reliable. Operation of the tow bar remains stable in all operational modes.

Light Weight

Ensuring its market position with weight advantage. The efficient lightweight design concept allows weight to be reduced, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and assisting vehicle manufacturers looking for further opportunities to satisfy new EU regulations now and in the future.


The space saving design requires an extremely small packaging environment. The bumper panel on the car only requires a slight modification on its underside / non-visual surface ensuring that the rear design of the vehicle appears unchanged.

automatic retractable towbar 2

The easy, clean handling is irresistibly simple. Just activate the switch and the tow bar is ready to use. Everyone
who has the privilege of possessing such a Towbar will understand the amazed looks of observers passing by.
Technical superiority becomes apparent in a Towbar device for the first time.

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