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Vehicle to Trailer Wiring Solutions

 vehicle to trailer wiring

 We offer a fully tailored vehicle wiring solution to integrate vehicle electronics systems with trailer wiring
applications. Our team of electrical engineers provide expert design capabilities and work closely with
vehicle deign teams to create vehicle-to-trailer wiring solutions that integrate seamlessly with the vehicle.

 As well as wiring applications, we develop Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that 'interpret' and cater
for modern and complex vehicle wiring systems including those running CAN Bus, bulb check
systems, by-pass relays, and LED light displays. 

We also develop trailer power wiring applications that provide power to the trailer to run
braking systems and power auxiliary accessories such as additional light systems or fridges.


Vehicle-to-Trailer Wiring Harness with ECU

trailer wiring

Power Wiring Harness

power wiring harness

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    Towing Products

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