Customer Branded

Trays and Baskets

 alloy tray


Roof Mounted Trays and Baskets

 Our range of roof top Trays and Baskets are designed and manufactured to maximise strength and minimise additional
weight on the roof (when unloaded). Available in a variety of materials including steel and aluminium, we tailor the
application to the vehicle and local market(s). 

Products can be designed to mount to Roof Rack Cross Bars or incorporate their own End Supports for direct mounting.


Black Alloy Tray

black alloy roof top tray

Silver Alloy Tray

silver alloy roof top tray


Steel Tray

steel roof top tray

Wire Basket

wire basket


Steel Tray - Closed Sides

black alloy roof top tray 2

Steel Tray - Closed Sides

steel roof top tray 3


Steel Tray - With POD

steel roof top tray with pod

Steel Tray - Closed Sides and Flat Slats

steel roof top tray 2



Hitch Mounted Trays and Baskets

Our Hitch Mounted Trays and Baskets are designed to carry more weight than roof mounted systems - up to 600lbs (270kg).
As a custom solution, each product is made to fit a range of Towbar Hitch Receivers and come with a 'Rise Shank', elevating
the cargo carrier above exhaust pipes. Other features include attachment points to relocate vehicle license plates and light kits.

hitch mounted cargo carrier

hitch mounted cargo carrier side

Locking Arms

 locking arm


Our Locking Arms come in a variety of sizes to suit their intended purpose. Designed to carry Wake Boards, Water Ski's,
Snow Ski's and other suitable cargo, Locking Arms come with integrated locks for added security. Designed to mount to
Roof Rack cross bars, a variety of cross bar mounting options are available from T-Channel mounts to 'wrap-around'
mounts - as shown above.

Locking Arms are an ideal 'aftermarket' accessory and up-sell option.

 locking arm solus

Kayak Carriers

 kayak carrier


Our Kayak Carriers are designed to carry a variety of water craft. They employ a “Multi-Pivot” system to mould to the
widest range of hull shapes, as well as providing assistance for loading craft from the side of the vehicle. The cradles
attach quickly and easily, either directly to the crossbar channel, or via the supplied low-profile adaptor units.


kayak carrier with craft

Roof PODs

 roof pods


Our Roof PODs come in a variety of sizes and keep their contents dry and dust free. Different mounting options can be
designed to suit the vehicle and carrying requirements. PODs are an ideal 'aftermarket' ad-on and up-sell opportunity.

Typically PODs come in 260, 360, 460 and 500 litre capacities. Made from durable plastic, PODs have an aerodynamic design
that minimises wind drag and noise. They are fully lockable with dual-hinges so they can be opened from either side. Universal
mounting kits mean they can be fitted to a wide variety of Roof Rack cross bars including Heavy Duty styles.

roof pods solus

Bike Carriers

 bike carrier


Roof Rack Mounted Bike Carriers

Our roof rack mounted Bike Carriers are designed to securely fit to existing roof rack cross bars and provide a
convenient method to transport a variety of different bike styles. 

The aluminium spine and wheel-cradles automatically position the bike in the correct place for easy securing. The
fastening straps are adjustable for different wheel sizes, while the rim protection caps prevent damage while
travelling. The Grip Arm holds the bike securely in position and is easily adjusted by tightening the turning knob.
The Wheel On Bike Carrier is effortless to install. With built-in locks, the anti-theft protection provides peace
of mind.

bike carrier solus



bike carrier release lever


bike carrier arm


Hitch Mounted Bike Carriers

Our range of hitch mounted bike carriers come in a variety of styles and can carry up to four bikes. Designed to
transport bikes by the wheels or frame, each hitch mounted bike carrier attaches to the towbar via the Hitch
Receiver or by clamping on or around the towball.


nv2 hitch mounted bike carrier 2


2 bike hitch mounted carrier


3 bike hitch mounted carrier


4 bike hitch mounted carrier


nv2 hitch mounted bike carrier 11


nv2 hitch mounted bike carrier 12a

nv2 hitch mounted bike carrier 13a

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